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A message regarding closures during the Covid -19 Coronavirus epidemic.

The Calypso Organization, including Calypso Bookshop, Calypso Landscaping, FishOrphans, AquaristsReunited, IFOCAS and all using our server, will be restrictimg supplies and personal contacts  until further notice or governmrnt advice - starting from 12th March 2020 

ALL EMAIL systems are manned and operational, so please contact us at for further help and assistance

List Of FishOrphans Rehomers 

on  Geographical Area plus Speciality Basis

FishOrphans list of active assistants and helpers in various areas

 Currently being Updated May 2021

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We are currently going through an extreme funding crisis so if you get no responses from some rehomers after reading this it may not be so surprising. The RSPCA refer fish enquiries to us - but they are funded and we are not. Last year our group lost over £3,000 that we know of and many of our rehomers probably incurred even more unrecorded expenses.

To be named on this list prospective rehomers must agree to maintaining the donated fish for their natural lives without reselling. or subcontracting their rehoming to other unknown parties . We are fully aware that peoples pets deserve special treatment.  ALL financial support and assistance for the scheme MUST be channelled through head office for legal recording reasons. Donation buttons can be found on all of our websites and partners' web sites.

Head Office and Main storage and data dissemination area  CONTACT US HERE      


All species, all types, all equipment recycling, All applications from hospitals and retirement homes for relocated tanks . Wherever possible no fish are refused a home, and none of them are ever resold

Should you wish, you can donate to FishOrphans using this Paypal button


C = Coldwater and Pondfish rehomers

T = General Tropical Community Fish rehomers

XT = Large Tropical Fish Specialist rehomers

M = Marine ( Saltwater) Specialist rehomers




Greater London

London, the Home Counties  and the South-East:   Email:   CONTACT US HERE
Rehome tropical fish .Derren Mace based in Catford SE London  Derren Mace  T

Gerald and Wedad Jennings,
A Email: CONTACT US HERE   All freshwater species, all types, all equipment recycling, All requests for assistance with equipment, plus, for relocated tanks.

Middlesex - North Hyde  Tropical fish  mainly .Can collect within reasonable distance of Harrow and local ( Middlesex ) areas


Esme Elman      T    (Southend. Small tropicals)

Jason Howland   
Jason Howland in Harlow, Essex
Able to rehome semi aggressive and community fish is separate tanks.
Sorry but can’t help with plecos as have too many!   07970 361618    XT

Northern Home Counties

London and the Northern Home Counties:  Cichlids and African Cichlids  (Hertfordshire) plus 

(London) African Cichlids: 

Luton Pondfish:C  Luton, Beds

The UK Piranha club  Specialist Piranha rehomer

Milton Keynes: Very large Tropicals. XT 

Kurt Cooper
Email: X
Pond fish in Oxford (I'm currently building a pond that is 3m by 3m and 1.5m deep as moved house and have more space for a bigger pond! next year once it has establised itself I would be happy to rehome large gold fish koi carp etc )
Buckinghamshire and Surrounding Counties

kurt cooper
Pond fish in Oxford (I'm currently building a pond that is 3m by 3m and 1.5m deep as moved house and have more space for a bigger pond!  i would be happy to re home large gold fish koi carp etc )

South-East England Surrey and Kent



Esme Elman       T   (Southend. Small tropicals)

Clive Roberts Epsom, Surrey. T Only

 S E. Kent All types of fishes large and small  TCM     Allow for prolonged response time

Dartford Area: C Adam  C

Tom Brown  (Surrey)  
Plenty of room in 18 tanks I have in my home, Marine and tropical, 6 cichlid tanks, 2 oscar tanks and 10 community 2 Marine tanks 07944542779

Southern England, Sussex and Hampshire

julia jones 
Small tropicals - Southampton - Hampshire   -Goldfish rehoming in Southampton area Burgess Hill Sussex, tropical T ONLY Contact to arrange  rehoming

The South (New Forest and South Hampshire and some sections of Surrey) C David on 

The South ( Worthing and Brighton area ) :

Some temporary cover from plus 

Coldwater C & tropical T  Seaford 

The South West, West Devon and Cornwall

The South West: C  Pool and pond fish    

(Pondfish only C: (Exeter-Yeovil)

Weston-Super Mare, Small Community tropicals and axolotyls

Tristan Burt  Cornwall. Pondfish

Bristol and the West Coldwater fishes.Bristol area  Hereford and Powys
Subject: Outside Cold Water Fish eg. Koi etc
Message: Lady quite happy to adopt if fish need a home or just some companions with the rest of the fish family! !    01547 529593

Central England and the South Midlands

South Midlands/ Swindon/Wiltshire  Lake Malawi and Nyassa cichlids only

Swindon:Guy Davis T (facilities for largish fish)

East Anglia , Essex and Lincolnshire

     Anglia: (50 mile radius of Cambridge)  Holbeach. Lincolnshire  Tropical and marine fishes T M

    Central  & West Midlands, Birmingham

Midlands (Tamworth and Birmingham area):    Tropical fish plus others : T (30 mile radius of Tamworth) ;   

Birmingham Andy Moloney (check for space availability) on 0121 423 1113

 All Pond fish including larger species XC 

North Midlands, Derbyshire, Northampton,Nottingham

Alex Chapple-Hyam  Email:   - Nottingham

Derby.T Tropicals contact  Tel:07568081617

Jacob Maldonado
C T  Northamptonshire Re-homing Cold water and tropical fish

Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire 

Stafford Koi: 

Telford & Shropshire area T Tropical 


Manchester Area Crewe. Cheshire

Cheshire and North Wales:   N. Wales: C Pond fish and smaller tropicals .    

Cheshire: C T pool fish plus selected cichlids and tropical species

Coldwater Manchester C

Chester Koi: C 

Lancashire and Liverpool

Lancashire Pond Fish: C email  tel 01772465062

Liverpool: Heywood Lancs. Pondfish

North West , Cumbria

    Carlisle Area :C  Poolfish TTropical Fish

     North East. Tyneside

Newcastle Area C  Pond Fish  T

Tropical fish from small to large.

North and Central Yorkshire. Humberside


SHEFFIELD - 25 mile radius

Sheaf Valley Aquarium Society T   All Tropical fish wherever possible

Yorkshire / Lancashire (Sheffield Area): T 1. No fish are refused a home and none of them are resold Richard has been a fishkeeper for 15 years and also offers a water quality testing and disease diagnosing test. (50 mile radius of Sheffield)



Bill Hargreaves. We are based on the island of Anglesey and have the facility to re home pond fish off the island or North Wales.  We have several ponds with which we could accommodate orphaned fish. We are fish lovers. 

Jack Mayo
Subject: Rehomer and rehoming in Scotland and South Wales
located in Edinburgh rehoming in this area (either transporting between locations, and/or temporary rehoming ), I would also like to offer my parents pond in South Wales, which is about 9-10 metres diameter T
West Wales cover Tropical fish in the Carmarthenshire area

N.Wales : - suggest also Cheshire or Shropshire based rehomers.

S.Wales suggest Bristol / Swindon area rehomers or contact London base.

 External site:-South Wales Fish Rehoming   C



Jack Mayo C
Rehomer and rehoming in Scotland and South Wales
located in Edinburgh rehoming in this area (either transporting between locations, and/or temporary rehoming ), I would also like to offer my parents pond in South Wales, which is about 9-10 metre diameter

Scotland: Caira Smith  Trustee  Little Critterz, Perth Rescue and Rehoming 

Central Scotland: Greig in central Scotland. Tel number 07956111666  C XT Specialist in tank busters and Malawi cichlids,

Lynda Lindsay
Subject: Rehoming in Scotland Fife and Dundee

Thomas Hodge   Subject: Rehoming in FIFE .Tropicals T



 Small tropicals - contact via London


Gerald is the founder of Calypso Publications, the ichthyological publishing house and database compilers. He is an ichthyological taxonomist and world renowned authority on Mediterranean fishes, and has written over 70 books on fish taxonomy and identification. He co-authored the Calypso Ichthyological Database and photolibrary system  in 199http://www.geraldjennings.net5. The database is now in use worldwide.
Gerald was recently asked to undertake the task of webmaster to IFOCAS, The International Federation of Online Clubs and Aquatic Societies. He has been an aquarist and fishkeeper for over 4 decades.